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Visual Lab

Geotechnical Engineering Lab:

1. Consolidation Test
2. Direct Shear Test
3. Hydrometer Analysis
4. Liquid Limit
5. Permeability by Falling Heat Method
6. Plastic Limit
7. Standard Proctor Compaction Test
8. Field Density determination by Sand replacement method
9. Shrinkage Limit
10. Sieve Analysis
11. Specific Gravity by Pycnometer method
12. Swell Index Test
13. Determination of Unconfined Compressive Strength
14. California Bearing Ratio Test

Environmental Engineering Lab:

1. Visual Lab

Transportation Engineering Lab:

1. Determination of Angularity Number
2. Determination of Aggregate Crusing Value
3. Dynamic Cone Penetration
4. Ductility of Bitumen
5. Determination of Aggregate Impact Value
6. Determination of Los Angeles Abrasion Value
7. Determination of Road roughness using MERLIN
8. Shape test on Aggregates
9. Softening point of Bitumen
10. Specific Gravity and Water Absorption of Aggregates
11. Stripping value of Road Aggregates

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